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Dr Ben Brown
Dr Ben Brown
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Guest accounts allow patients to access Patchs without creating a Patchs account.

Patients can access in the following ways:

  1. use NHS Login (see here) or the NHS app (see here)
  2. create an individual Patchs account (see here)
  3. create a Patchs account as a carer for someone else (see here)
  4. use a 'guest' account (as detailed on this page)

Guest accounts allow patients to submit requests without a Patchs account.

Enabling guest accounts

Guest accounts can be enabled/disabled from your practice's feature settings page.

When the feature is enabled, patients without a Patchs account will be able to contact your practice using the  'Continue without registering' button from your practice's login page.


If you enable guest accounts, you will be notified each time a patient submits a request via that route that their contact details need verifying because their details have not been password-protected.

If patients choose to use a guest account, they will also not have the following benefits: 

  1. Not having their details saved each time they use Patchs
  2. Their medical information being password-protected
  3. Being able to track the progress of their requests
  4. Easily seeing if you have tried to contact them
  5. Viewing past conversations you've had with them
  6. Being able to submit requests on behalf of people they care for

Requests from a guest account

Requests submitted using a guest account are received in the same way as those from a registered account. You will however be required to verify their account details for each request.

How patients uses a guest account

See this article for how patients use guest accounts.

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