Accessing Patchs via the NHS App

Dr Ben Brown
Dr Ben Brown
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This page explains how to access Patchs via the NHS App.

Please note that not all GP practices have enabled Patchs access via the NHS App.

If you know your GP practice is using Patchs but you cannot see Patchs when completing the steps below, please contact your practice to check whether or not they have enabled NHS App access. 

  • Download the NHS App and log in

To do this you will need to download the NHS App and sign in with your NHS Login (you will need to  sign up to NHS Login if you haven't already).

Choose the Services option from the blue section at the bottom of the screen.

Now select Contact your GP about a health problem (the second option).

Next, click Continue to access Patchs, where you can submit a health request to your practice.

Now, select New health problem if you're contacting your GP about a new condition, or Ongoing health problem, if it's something your GP already knows about.

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