Submitting requests on behalf of patients

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Patchs allows you to submit requests on behalf of patients (both registered and not registered) in Patchs.

This allows you to manage all your requests through Patchs - even if they have been made via the telephone or in-person - making the process standardised and efficient, as well as ensuring all information is accurately recorded and saved to the clinical system.

We call patients not registered in Patchs, 'non-digital patients.' This includes both patients who cannot use Patchs themselves, as well as those who choose not to.

Finding patient using Patchs toolbar

The easiest way to submit a request for a patient is to use the Toolbar.

Open the patient in you clinical system and then click on the patient icon (Patchs Toolbar) or the Message button (Docman Toolbar) highlighted below with a red box:

PATCHS Toolbar Docman Toolbar



This will take you to the Patient page, from where you can start to submit a request for the patient.

.If you are using the Docman Toolbar without using patient sync, then non-registered patients will not be found. Please contact us to upgrade to this functionality.

Finding patient using patient search

To find the patient you can also navigate to the Patients page, search for the patient and click on the patient:



Submitting the request from the Patient details page

Once you have found the patient, you can submit a request on their behalf by clicking the 'Add request for patient' button which is highlighted by the red box below:

This will take you to the request submission page where you can select the type of request and enter the patients' information: 


If a type of request is currently unavailable due to the setting on the demand limiter you can use the 'Override' button to submit the request anyway.


If the Artificial Intelligence modules are enabled, Patchs will trigger the same responses as when a patient is submitting a request - for example, signposting, asking medical questionnaires, determining the urgency of the request, and if it requires a face-to-face appointment.

Staff can choose to ignore or skip these suggestions. 

Manually adding a non-digital patient 

If you are not using the Patchs Toolbar and you do not have patient sync installed, then Patchs may be unable to find the patient. In this situation you will need to add the patient manually.

To do this go to the 'Unassigned' inbox and click the 'Add non-digital request' link highlighted below with a red box:


Then click the 'Add non-digital patient' link, highlighted below with a red box:


This will then allow you to enter the details of the patient using this form:


Complete all mandatory fields for your non-digital patient then click 'Save' button at the bottom of the page.


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