How to verify contact details

Dr Ben Brown
Dr Ben Brown
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Automatic patient matching

If you see the above message, it means the patient's date of birth (DoB) and name have been successfully matched to a patient on your practice list.

However, their contact details haven't been verified. To do this you should check the contact details the patient has put into Patchs match those in your clinical system. You can see their contact details by hovering over the Screenshot_2020-12-19_at_13.28.05.png button.


If any contact details don't match, or if any are missing in your clinical system...

You should first contact the patient to confirm they signed up for a Patchs account. The best way to do this is by phoning them - ideally you should use the number you have for them in your clinical system (though this may be out of date).

If the patient confirms they signed up for a Patchs account you should then confirm which contact details are correct - the ones in Patchs or the ones in your clinical system.

If the ones in Patchs are right, and the ones in your clinical system are wrong, you should update them in your clinical system.

If the ones in Patchs are wrong, you can either:

Once you have verified the patients' contact details...

Click the 'OK' button to make the warning disappear.

Further reading

See pages 42 and 43 of Using Online Consultations In Primary Care: Implementation Toolkit.


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