Contacting your GP without registering for Patchs

Dr Ben Brown
Dr Ben Brown
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There are several ways to access Patchs:

1) use the NHS Login (see here)

2) register for a Patchs account (see here)

3) use a 'Guest Account' 

In this article we cover how to use Patchs with a Guest Account, without registering.

Please note, if you choose to use a Guest Account, you will not be able to take advantage of the following benefits: 

  1. Not having to keep entering your details each time you use Patchs
  2. Your medical information being safer because it's password protected
  3. Being able to track the progress of your requests
  4. Easily seeing if your GP practice is trying to contact you
  5. Viewing past conversations you've had with your GP practice
  6. Being able to submit requests on behalf of people you care for

Having a Patchs account also makes it easier for your GP practice, because they don't have to check your details each time you submit a new request.

Using a Guest Account

This section explains how to access Patchs as a patient using a Guest Account.

To begin, you should follow the Patchs link from your practice’s website - the screenshot below shows an example from the Langworthy Medical Practice - to the Patchs Landing page. 


Click on the Contact my GP button. This will take you to the Patchs Login page.mceclip2.png

If NHS Login is available at your practice, you can either register with Patchs or with NHS Login.

To find out how to register for Patchs with NHS Login read this article.

If you want to contact your GP practice using Patchs instead, you should click Continue with Patchs.

You will be taken to the Patchs login page. Here, click the Continue without registering button. You will be taken to the Contact your GP online page.mceclip0.png

To continue, you need to click on the Patient End User License Agreement link and read the information. Then confirm that you: 1. have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions (1st tick box). 2. that you are aged 16 years or over (2nd tick box).

Click the Continue without registering button.

This will take you to the Personal Details page, where you should enter your details.

Click the Continue button. This will validate all the mandatory information you entered, before submitting your registration request. Any problems with your registration details will be highlighted for correction.

Please note you must be aged over 16 to register to use Patchs.mceclip5.png

Following successful validation and submission, you will be taken to the Acknowledgement page and sent an email.

The email will contain a link to verify your email address.

If you don’t receive the email within 5 minutes please check you Junk email folder. If it's not there, please try to register again and check your email address is correct.

Click on the link in the email to complete the guest sign-up process. You will now be able to submit a single request for help from your practice.



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