Patchs 1.54 Release (23rd February 2022)

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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The Patchs 1.54 release includes the following new features and bug fixes

Booked Slots

Booked slots are a way to assign Patchs requests to specific users for them to deal with on a future date. This can help spread demand and match it to your staff capacity. It combines the advantages of an appointment book, with the flexibility of an inbox to prioritise and respond to patients as you see fit.

Only Patchs admins can set up booked slots and here's how to do it.

PS-2021 Limit future dated  assignment of Urgent and Emergency Requests

For safety reasons you cannot assign urgent requests beyond 48 hours, and you cannot assign emergency requests to future dates at all.

Urgent request 


Emergency request


To assign requests beyond those time limits you must first change the urgency.

'Fit (sick) note request' questionnaire

When a patient makes a Patchs request related to a fit ('sick') note, you can now send a 'Fit (sick) note request' questionnaire to collect all relevant information and to advise the patient to self-certify if appropriate.

Finding and selecting the questionnaire



Completing the questionnaire


Patient Details

PS-1891 When a patient updates their email address, they no longer receive the welcome email again.

Patchs Sick/Fit note AI

Sick/Fit note AI is currently only available to Early Adopter sites. If you'd like to become an Early Adopter site please let us know through the 'Give feedback' button when logged into Patchs.


When a patient makes a Patchs request related to a related to a fit ('sick') note, the Sick/Fit note AI will ask them to complete the 'Fit (sick) note request' questionnaire to ensure all relevant information is captured, and the patient is advised to self-certify if appropriate.



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