AI Early Adopter sites

Dr Ben Brown
Dr Ben Brown
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What are AI Early Adopter sites?

Early Adopter sites are forward-thinking GP practices which get to try out new Patchs features before anyone else. These features are generally new AI modules, but they can be other features too.

Why do we have Early Adopter sites?

Early Adopter sites help us to gather evidence for clinical evaluations and safety assessments before the features are released to all practices.

For the AIs, this is required for Patchs' registration with the MHRA and UKCA marking.

What are the benefits of being an Early Adopter site?

  • You get to use the features before anyone else and therefore experience their benefits sooner.
  • You can shape how the features are designed to suit your needs.

What is required if you join the Early Adopter programme?

  • Attend 1 training session on how to use the AIs (20-30 mins) and sign an Early Adopter agreement
  • Attend 1-2 follow up meetings to give your feedback (20-30 mins each, 2 people expected to attend - ideally a clinician e.g. GP and non-clinician e.g. receptionist)
  • Volunteer 3 members of staff to be interviewed by researchers from The University of Manchester about their experiences using the AIs (20-30 mins)

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