What to do if a patient isn't found in your clinical system

Dr Ben Brown
Dr Ben Brown
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When you see the above message, the reasons this happens are

  1. The patient isn't registered in your practice
  2. The patient has inputted their details into Patchs incorrectly
  3. For non-digital patients, the patient details (including NHS number) have been inputted into Patchs incorrectly by a member of staff

If it's not obvious which one it is, you should contact the patient to find out. You can do that either by phoning them on the phone number they've put into Patchs - you can see this by hovering over the patient'sScreenshot_2020-12-19_at_13.28.05.png button:


Or you can send the patient a message

If the patient isn't registered in your practice...

You should mark them as 'Not Registered' and reject their request.

If the patient has inputted their details into Patchs incorrectly...

You can either:

If the non-digital patient details have been entered incorrectly...

Edit them yourself in Patchs once you have confirmed with the patient what their correct details are.


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