Single Sign On for EMIS and SystmOne

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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When you are logged into your clinical system, Patchs Single Sign On (SSO) allows the Patchs toolbar to log you into Patchs automatically. It also enables you to receive message notifications on the Patchs toolbar.

To set up Patchs (SSO) you should:

  • Log into Patchs as usual
  • From the menu, navigate to Single Sign On Settings 

    You will be taken to the Set up Single Sign On with Patchs Toolbar page.

  • Log into your clinical system as the user you would like to link your Patchs account to.
  • If you have set up SSO previously you will need to reset the toolbar by clicking the 'Reset Toolbar' button
  • From Patchs, click on the Setup Single Sign On button.
    (You may be shown a pop-up asking to open 'Patchs Toolbar'. If so, click 'Open'.)
  • If successful, the Patchs Toolbar will open and log in.
  • You will then be able to use your clinical system to log in to Patchs through the Patchs Toolbar.
    Meaning that whenever you are logged into your clinical system, the Patchs toolbar will open Patchs automatically.

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