EMIS Settings for Partner Integration

Dr Ben Brown
Dr Ben Brown
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Patchs Appointment Reminders and Appointment Self-Booking use EMIS Partner integration. This requires that some additional settings be added to your practice.

Settings in EMIS

1. Add a new user to EMIS

In EMIS, add a new user. Use the username ‘patchs’ along with a random password. Please remember to note down the username & password, as they will be needed later.

When choosing an RBAC role, select 'Clinical Practitioner Access Role' and make sure 'Default' is ticked.

2. Partner API settings

Go to EMAS Manager -> Partner API.
Find Patchs in the list and click Edit Users.

In the box that pops up, find the ‘patchs’ user you created earlier. Give it the same password and click ‘OK’:

Now, click ‘Login Access’, find the ‘patchs’ user and tick both ‘Auto Login’ and ‘Allow Login’:


Click the 'cross' to deactivate the integration. Then click the green 'tick' to reactivate it.


Settings in Patchs

On the feature settings page you should add Emis settings for your practice:

1. EMIS Organisation ID

You should enter your EMIS organisation ID (EMIS CBD Number from your practice's EMIS organisation details), and then select Update EMIS Organisation ID.  

2. EMIS API User

Now, enter the username and password of an EMIS user (either an existing EMIS user, or a 'Partner API user' that you have set up on EMIS).

Then select Update EMIS API user details.  




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