Adding SNOMED codes and comments

Dr Ben Brown
Dr Ben Brown
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You can add SNOMED codes and comments to patient requests.
They can be saved straight into your clinical system if you have saving to the clinical system enabled in your practice which saves you from duplicating work.
Examples of situations you may want to use this include adding:
  • Diagnosis, symptom, or activity codes. This can help with:
    • QOF achievement
    • Making sure your patients' notes are searchable in EMIS
    • Teaching Patchs AI so we can develop other AIs similar to Patchs AI Mental Health to help make your life easier
  • Consultation notes. If you speak to a patient on the phone or see them face to face.

Once SNOMED codes and comments have been saved into your clinical system they cannot be deleted from Patchs, and can only be edited directly in your clinical system.




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