Patchs 1.69 Release (27th September 2022)

Dr Ben Brown
Dr Ben Brown
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The Patchs 1.69 release includes the following feature updates and bug fixes.

Messaging & video call invitations via SMS

PS-2358 & PS-2359 - Add a one-time phone number

Staff can now override an existing patient phone number or add a ‘one off’ mobile number when sending patient messages or video call invitations via SMS. 

For patients with no mobile number or non-digital patients, the checkbox will stay disabled until a valid  phone number  is entered.  Once a valid phone number has been entered, the checkbox can be used to send message or the video call invite as SMS. 




Topic AI questionnaires

PS-2456 - Making Topic AI Questionnaires mandatory

We have always allowed patients to decline to answer questionnaires triggered by Topic AI so they don’t abandon their request part-way through. However, in response to user feedback we’ve now made it possible for you to make certain questionnaires mandatory.

From the Topic AI settings page you can set a particular Topic AI questionnaire to be mandatory or optional for patients. 




This introduces new clinical risks so we have updated our Clinical Safety Case Report for Patchs AI, which you should read before using this new feature.

Signpost AI

PS-2486 - Urgent and emergency signpost AI messages can be made mandatory

Patients can be forced to cancel their request (not override it) if they submit a request that is detected  as urgent during OOH or as an emergency by Signpost AI. This introduces new clinical risks, and is therefore only available on request.

Keyboard accessibility

PS-2382 - Make chatbot attachments accessible to keyboard users

Improvements has been made to support keyboard users when uploading, viewing and
deleting attachments.  

Saving questionnaires

PS-2489 - Saving ‘scored’ questionnaires without SNOMED code

Questionnaires with a score but no associated SNOMED code can now be saved to EMIS.


Bulk messaging

PS-2472 - Bulk message .csv file upload

You can now upload a bulk messaging CSV patient file that has accented characters in the patient names or email addresses.
Be sure to enter a name for the patient list before you click the upload button.  


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