Patchs 1.65 Release (1st August 2022)

Dr Ben Brown
Dr Ben Brown
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The Patchs 1.65 release includes the following feature updates and bug fixes.

Feature Updates

PS-1843 - Staff group inboxes

In response to feedback from newly on-boarded practices Patchs Admin Users can now manage their own group inboxes .


We have made big improvements to the user interface of the video consultation for the clinician and the patient. We have also made it simpler to record the consultation in the clinical system. Read the video consultation guide here. Remember you can start a video consultation with just 1-click sending an SMS to the patient. These are some screenshots from the patient side. 


PS-1317 Saving questionnaire answers to the clinical system

When patients complete a Patchs questionnaire, as well as the SNOMED codes, you will now be able to save the save the free-text questions and responses to the clinical system.

PS-2261 Urgency definitions

We understand it may not always be clear what ‘Emergency’ or ‘Urgent’ means when answering the triage question 'How clinically urgent is this message?'. To help, we've conducted interviews and workshops with 22 GP practice staff and 37 patients from 15 GP practices to come up with the following definitions:

  • Emergency: Patient could be harmed if their request is not resolved on the same day.
  • Urgent: Patient could be harmed if their request is not resolved within the next 48 hours.
  • Routine: Patient unlikely to be harmed if their request is not resolved within the next 48 hours. 

We've also added these definitions to appear when you hover over each option when answering this triage question. You can read more about urgency triage decisions and why they’re important here.

Patchs Translate: Non-English Language icon

For practices that use Patchs Translate, we’ve now added a mceclip6.png icon to make it quicker and easier to identify requests written in a non-English language from your inbox. You can read more about Patchs Translate here.


Save to clinical system warning

We’ve added a warning and greyed out the ‘complete message & save to clinical system’ button to make it clearer when a message cannot be saved directly to the clinical system. You can read what to do when this happens here.


PS-2265,PS-2266 Accessibility Improvements

To improve accessibility we have made improvements to the User Interface. You may notice some slight colour changes to improve contrast.


We have also been working hard in the background making lots of technical updates to make the Patchs experience even better.

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