Patchs 1.88 Release (14th December2023)

Dan Sprague
Dan Sprague
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Patchs version 1.88 has now been released. It contains the following updates:

Easy-view of patient details when reviewing questionnaires

When reviewing incoming patient requests that include a completed questionnaire, you are now able to see the patient details at all times – even when scrolling through the questionnaire itself. These details will appear as a banner at the top of the screen, and it will not disappear no matter how far down you scroll.

Add attachments when sending messages in the body of an SMS/email

Patchs Version 1.87 introduced the new ability to add attachments to patient messages directly from the clinical system. However, this meant that you could no longer add attachments if you choose to send the message in the body of an SMS or email.

Following feedback, we are now reinstating the previous functionality, meaning that documents and images can now be added to patient messages regardless of whether you choose to ‘Send as SMS’ or ‘Send in the body of an SMS or email.’ In the latter case, you will however be shown a warning before sending, explaining that the attachment itself will not be visible to the patient unless they open the message in Patchs.

You will still be able to add attachments directly from the clinical system - this function will not be lost.

Patient-facing: My Health to show a warning if blood pressure reading not saved

In the case that you have asked a patient to provide a blood pressure reading via Patchs My Health, the patient will now see a warning if, having entered their reading, they attempt to navigate away from the page without clicking the green ‘Add’ button. This is to ensure that all readings are properly saved.

Button to request enablement of Appointment Reminders

It is now easier for EMIS practices to enable Appointment Reminders. 

First, it is necessary to request the enablement of Appointment Reminders. To do so, navigate to your Feature Settings page. You will see the message below; click on the bottom button to make the request:

After you have made the request, you will see this message explaining the status of your request:

Appointment Reminders with EMIS: cancel links now hidden

In line with current EMIS functionality, appointment reminders sent to patients by EMIS practices will no longer include a link giving the patient the option to cancel their appointment.

As SystmOne does support this function, messages sent by SystemOne practices will continue to include a cancellation option (unless, when editing the message, you decide to delete it).


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