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Patchs My Health allows your patients to quickly and easily share their health information with you, allowing you to monitor and manage their long term health conditions.

As a practice you can use Patchs My Health to monitor a number of health conditions for your patients. You can ask them to complete questionnaires and/or readings in Patchs.

The My Health questionnaires you can make available include:

  • Alcohol (AUDIT-C questionnaire)

  • Anxiety (GAD-7 questionnaire)

  • Asthma Control (ACT questionnaire)

  • Breathlessness (MRC breathlessness scale questionnaire)

  • Daytime Sleepiness (Epworth questionnaire)

  • Knee Pain (Oxford Knee score questionnaire)

  • Mood (PHQ-9 questionnaire)

  • Prostate (IPSS questionnaire)

  • Smoking Status (smoking status questionnaire)

  • Weight (weight questionnaires)

  • Blood Pressure (patients can submit multiple readings over multiple days for them to be averaged over time)

Patients may see safety warnings and trigger urgency flags if they submit blood pressure or PHQ-9 forms.

Enabling My Health for your practice

To use Patchs My Health at your practice you must first of all enable My Health questionnaires and readings from the feature settings page.

Enabling individual patients to access to My Health

Please note, My Health Access is only available for Fully Registered patients who are not 'cared for' by someone else, so you can control which patients can submit questionnaires and readings.

On patient details page click on My Health Access tab:

And you will see the list of available My Health Questionnaires and Readings.

Choose the My Health Questionnaires and/or Readings that will help you to monitor and manage  your patient's healthcare.

The questionnaires and readings you've enabled will now be available for the patient on their My Health page.

Using message templates to notify patients you have given them access to My Health

To make things as easy as possible to notify the patient we have created two template messages you can send patients to inform them when they have access to My Health:

"My Health - general"

Message text:

You now have access to Patchs My Health.

Here you can submit questionnaires to our practice at any time to help us monitor your health.

Simply login to Patchs and select 'My Health' from the top menu.

For further information please read:

"My Health - blood pressure (BP)"

Message text:

You now have access to Patchs My Health - Blood Pressure.

Here you can submit blood pressure readings to our practice at any time to help us monitor your health.

Simply login to Patchs, select 'My Health' from the top menu, then choose 'Blood Pressure'.

For further information on Patchs My Health please read:

For instructions on how to take blood pressure readings please read:

Sending patients a direct link to My Health

If you want to send patients a direct link to My Health instead of using the templates above you can create your own templates.

Each GP practice Patchs website is unique. It has the format where practice_code is the unique name given to your GP practice in Patchs. You can find what that is by going to the field 'Unique code which shows in the web address for your practice’ in the ‘Edit practice’ page, or by visiting your practice's Patchs website and looking at the address bar in your browser.

The direct link to My Health for your practice will be:

Disabling patient access to My Health questionnaire

You can disable any questionnaires from the My Health Access tab when they are no longer needed.

My Health Inboxes

When a patient completes and submits a My Health questionnaire or reading they arrive in of the My Heath inboxes.

You should ensure that these inboxes are monitored daily by staff and that they receive notifications for these inboxes when a patient submits a My Health form.

From where they can be reviewed and save to the clinical system as required like normal questionnaires.






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