How to verify carer relationship

Dr Ben Brown
Dr Ben Brown
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Carer registration status

If a patient has been added by a carer, the carer is shown in the 'Carer' column of the Patients page:

If a Patient's Registration Status is Not Known you should check that the carer is correct for the patient in terms of having consent or legal authority.

You can do this by checking in the clinical system, or by contacting the patient directly - for example, you could telephone them to confirm a carer has signed up for an account on their behalf.

You can see the carer's details by hovering over the Screenshot_2020-12-19_at_13.28.05.png button alongside their name.

Once you have verified that the carer is correct for the patient...

You should update the registration status to Patient Registered and Carer Correct. Doing this will unlock the request.




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