Viewing and responding to messages from your GP Practice

Dr Ben Brown
Dr Ben Brown
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When you are sent a message by your GP Practice, you will be notified by either email or SMS. 

When you first log into Patchs (see here), on your My Requests and Messages page you will see any messages that are awaiting a response.

They will have a green Reply button:


'Reply required' and 'Reply not required'

There are two types of message you can be sent by your GP practice.

Reply required messages are questions from your GP practice that they would like you to respond to. They look like this (there is space for you to respond):


Reply not required messages contain advice or information from your GP practice that you should acknowledge.

They look like this (there is a Mark as read button for you to show you have read the message):


Multiple messages

Your GP practice may send you multiple messages, which you will see one after the other.

You can see how many messages you have been sent in the counter in the bottom left corner of the chatbot:


You are shown the next message in sequence, only after you have responded to or acknowledged the first one.

This is for safety reasons, to ensure that you reply to every question your GP practice has asked, and to ensure that you acknowledge every bit of advice they have sent you.

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