Patchs 1.71 Release (26th October 2022)

Dr Ben Brown
Dr Ben Brown
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The Patchs 1.71 release includes the following feature updates and bug fixes.

Messages Templates

PS-2027 - Editable Message Templates

You can now view and edit your practice specific message templates from the  Message Templates page.




PS-1823 - Customisable questionnaires - preview

Questionnaires now preview using the full width of the screen.


Patient Details

PS-2514 - Warning when adding or updating an NHS number

When you add or update a patient’s NHS number on the patient details page, you will be asked to confirm that you have the patient's correct NHS number.


PS-2636 - Show ‘Send and save to clinical system’

The ‘Send and save to clinical system’ button will be visible when sending a message from the 

Patient details page - it will remain inactive until the patient is successfully matched to the clinical system.


Message Inbox

PS-2513 - Open completed request in a new tab

You can now view completed requests in a new tab or existing tab without being taken to the older messages.

Video call invitation  

PS-2567 - Warning message wording

When inviting a patient without a valid mobile number to a video call, the warning message has been updated to show that it’s an invitation not a message that's being sent.


Practice Settings 

PS-2354 - One-click setup for SystmOne Agent

The SystmOne Agent can now be setup on the Gateway machine in one click.


PS-2480 - Increase landing page message length

The Patchs Admin users can now create a landing page message up to 300 characters long.


PS-2500 - Clinical system details

When a practice does not have an EHR type, this is shown as ‘Other’ on the Edit practice page. 


Signpost AI

PS-2498 - Requests cancellation via 'Cancel and start new request'

Cancellation of request via 'Cancel and start new request' link after Signpost AI messages now shows same as if they were cancelled by the cancel button.


PS-2475 - GP practice warning when patient submits new request after Signpost AI urgent / emergency message

Staff user can view a request by a patient that has previously been signposted away, (where practice is setting is to deny request submission), they are shown a warning informing that they have resubmitted with changed answers.


Topic AI

PS-2564 - Topic AI button text 

The Topic AI button text has been changed from ‘Go to questionnaire’ to ‘Go to questions’ to match the chatbot message.


Patient Usability Improvements

PS-2519 - 'Create an account' buttons

To make it clear to patients that they're creating a Patchs account, not registering at the practice, the button wording has been changed:



PS-2483 - Improvements to Patient Chatbot UI

The patient request chatbot has been improved so that it's clearer to the patient, the number of messages they have yet to answer.


Search for Patient

PS-2497 - Adding non-digital patient via PDS using NHS number

When searching for a non-digital patient in Patchs, using their NHS number, the wording of the warning message has been updated.




Accessibility improvements have been made to support patients using keyboard access and screen readers.



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