Patchs 1.70 Release (10th October 2022)

Dr Ben Brown
Dr Ben Brown
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The Patchs 1.70 release includes the following feature updates and bug fixes.


PS-1936 -eHub grouped inboxes

eHubs, PCNs, and group practices using Patchs federated working can now use our new group inboxes which shows patient requests from all the practices in a single 'All Practices' inbox.


PS-2488 - Inbox navigation for staff who work across many practices

If you are a member of staff who manages requests from patients across many practices, you can now view and  scroll through all practices on your practice drop down. 



PS-2465 - SNOMED codes and scores from a single questionnaire

When you are reviewing a request that contains a completed questionnaire, the link to questionnaire answers, any SNOMED codes and associated scores are all now shown within a single comment.


PS-2319 - Long questionnaires split onto multiple pages

To help reduce cognitive load for patients, long questionnaires have now been split up and patients see 2-3 questions at a time and can navigate back and forth to view and edit their answers. 



Chatbot, forms and questionnaires 

PS-2474, PS-2339 - Improvements to  the request chatbot, forms and questionnaires  

The request chatbot, forms and questionnaires have been improved to ensure they work for screen reader users

Message Templates

PS-2482 - Message template tags

When you're creating your own message templates, you will now see just your own practice's tags (plus any standard tags) and they will be displayed in alphabetical order.


Staff feedback 

PS-2422 - Staff feedback - not for support wording

So that you an get help on how to use Patchs as quickly as possible, the Staff feedback wording has been updated to explain how to contact the Patchs support team (including contact details) . 



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