Patchs 1.68 Release (8th September 2022)

Dr Ben Brown
Dr Ben Brown
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The Patchs 1.68 release includes the following feature updates and bug fixes.

Patient Chat log

PS-2409 - Initial request questions

You have told us that sometimes patients don't provide enough detail when submitting a request. This may be because the Patchs chatbot asks multiple questions at the same time, and patients only answer one of them.

To address this, we have split up the Patchs chatbot questions so patients are encouraged to provide more detail. For example, the question ‘How long has the problem been going on? Is it getting better, worse, or staying the same?’ is now two separate questions: ‘How long has the problem been going on?’ and 'Is it getting better, worse, or staying the same?’

The initial patient request questions have been broken down into multiple questions to encourage patients to provide more details.



PS-2400 - Saving questionnaires

We have made improvements to how questionnaires are saved. It is now clearer how to save questionnaires, and easier to read their results in the clinical system.





PS-2417 CCG usage reports

Updates have been made to CCG level reports to ensure extraction of accurate usage data.

Managing Staff

Removing staff

PS-2446 - with outstanding actions at another practice

Patchs Admins can remove staff users from their own practice  if they have assignments/tasks/video calls at a different practice.

PS-2277 - Removing staff users - rejected requests

Patchs Admins can remove staff users if they have assignments or tasks on a rejected request at their practice.


Practice Setup

PS-2394 - Inviting practices with long names 

GP practices with names up to 50 characters can now be  invited to register for Patchs (limit was previously 30 characters).


PS-2411 - Staff role

As a Patchs staff user who is setting up their practice on Patchs, it is now mandatory to set a staff role so that they can complete the practice setup and testing. 

A staff user with a role at an existing practice, must now choose  their staff role when setting up Patchs at a new practice.






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