Patchs 1.57 Release (11th April 2022)

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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The Patchs 1.57 release includes the following new features and bug fixes from PATCHS versions 1.56 and 1.57.

Patchs Landing Page

PS-1968 Directing patients to Patchs help portal (1.56)

Better signposting messages have been added to the landing page that will direct patients with technical problems to the Patchs portal both on the website and emails sent out by Patchs.


PS-1972 OOH and request limiter messaging on practice landing page (1.57)

The practice landing page has been updated to show ‘practice closed’ and request limiter messages.


PS-1974 Practice landing page selfcare search panel (1.56)

Patients can now use the self-help search panel on the landing page to find and access NHS help articles.

Customisable Request Limiter Messages

PS-1241 Custom practice request limit messages (1.57)

You can choose to add your own practice specific request limiter messages that will appear in addition to  the standard messages that show when Patchs is closed for clinical or non-clinical requests.


A Patchs Admin user can update the request limiter messages from a new Demand management tab.


NHS Links

PS-2116 Country specific NHS Links

NHS links now take patients to information that is relevant to the practice’s ‘country’ setting and the practice’s ‘country’ setting can be updated by a Patchs Admin from the practice details page.


Patient Transfer

PS-1840 Patient-Initiated Practice Transfer

Patients can now transfer to a new Patchs practice from their new practice’s landing page


Patient Requests

PS-2058 Red flag screening question

The red flag screening, alert message has been updated to no longer advise patients that ‘your GP practice won’t be informed you’ve received this message’ because the practice will be advised if the patient subsequently re-submits.


PS-2077 Contact preference as a new chatbot question

The patient can now specify a contact preference in their request chatbot.


TPP Installation

PS-2144 TPP Config Download Page

A TPP installation page has been added to the ‘Edit Practice’ page for TPP Practices from where a TPP config  file can be generated.

You can find out more about the TPP SystmOne Integration setup here.



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