Patchs 1.51 Release (14th January 2022)

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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The Patchs 1.51 release includes the following new features and bug fixes from PATCHS versions 1.50 & 1.51.

Completed Inbox

PS-1765 Completed inbox sort order

To make it easier to find recently completed requests, when you open the Completed inbox or filter for a particular patient's completed requests, the most recent requests are shown at the top of the list.


Patient Search

PS-1915 Patient search now allows for patient middle names

It's now easier to find a patient from the patient list because you can search for them without knowing their middle name.


Carer registration

PS-1888 Carer confirmation check

The mandatory confirmation check on the carer registration form is now enforced and the Register button remains inactive until all the carer has agreed to all confirmations. 



PS-1898 Carer relationship visible when editing

When a 'carer' user edits details of a patient they care for, they can see the 'Your relationship to patient*' information.



Video Consultations

PS-1873 Patient link on staff VC page

The patient information at the top of the staff VC page now includes the patient's Date of Birth and Age and you can more easily view their details by clicking the patient name link.



PS-1890 Create question – button responses

When you are creating a question template, before saving the question you can now delete any button responses that are not required


Buttons can be deleted - before saving the question template.

Patchs AI

PS-1866 Signpost AI refinement

Minor updates have been made to the layout of the signposting links in the message chatbot.



PS-1993 Emergency and Urgent OOH signposting messages

Emergency and Urgent OOH signposting messages have been updated to emphasise  the key information and provide hyperlinks to further detail and context.


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