Patchs 1.41 Questionnaires in request chatbot and reporting updates (26th August 2021)

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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Making a request

PS-1673 Questionnaires in request chatbot *

* Available to Early Adopters of Patchs AI 

AI questionnaires such as GAD-7 and PHQ-9 can now be included as the final questions in the request chatbot.

If Patchs AI predicts relevant questionnaires from a patient's answers to the initial chatbot questions,  then they will be asked to complete this questionnaires in the request chatbot. 



Any completed questionnaires will then be shown in the Request details chat history



PATCHS 1.41 incudes a number of updates to the dashboard and reporting functionality

PS-1605 Report downloads

When you download a Patchs report, the .csv file is now given a name that includes the practice name and the date the report data was last updated.

PS-1607 Reloading of reports

When you re-load a Patchs report, the filters and selected columns are maintained.

PS-1608 Report graphs

Where there is no data for a report graph, you will see a message advising that there is no data available.

PS-1711 Reporting dashboard minor fixes

  • The Awaiting response figure on dashboard now reflects the number of requests in the Awaiting Response inbox.
  • The reports tab now loads more quickly and you will see a loading symbol.
  • Free text filtering now returns the matching data as expected

Request inbox

PS-1702 Failed delivery receipts 

When an SMS fails to deliver a message from Patchs, you will see a reply not required message advising that the SMS  failed to deliver.


PS-1705 Saving of phone and email to the clinical record

When saving text from messages/requests to the clinical record, the telephone number or email address  used is now included.


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