Patchs 1.40 Message reminder and automatic completion settings (12th August 2021)

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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Practice Settings

PS-1631 Message reminder and auto-completion settings

To encourage patients to respond to your messages, Patchs can now send one or more reminder emails, asking them to read and reply as soon as possible. Here’s how you can enable message reminders.

Patchs can now also automatically complete a Patchs request if a patient doesn't respond to a GP message within a specified number of days, and the request has been sent to the Awaiting Response inbox. Here’s how you can enable auto-completion.


PS-1667 Request limiter default time periods

The Request Limiter default time periods (4 or more) have been updated so that the first period ends at 06:00 and last period starts at 18:00.  


Review and Respond to Requests

PS-1683 Adaptive completion buttons

When reviewing and responding to patient requests, the text on the Complete button now describes more accurately what will next happen to the request.

Some examples of the button text you will see are:

Where there are no outstanding tasks


Where there's an outstanding  task for another user



PS-1457 Practice view of patients with failed auto-registration

You can now see those patients who failed automatic registration on a separate tab on the Patients page, to help you identify and resolve their registration status more quickly.



Making a request

PS-1600 Additional safety warning

Patients now see additional safety warnings when making an admin or medication request that advises them not to use those options to submit health problems.
Admin requests:


Medication requests


PS-1681 Character limit for 'skippable' fields

The minimum character limit for 'skippable' fields has been reduced to 2.



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