Patchs 1.39 Out of Office (OOO), confirm patient contact details, and new Docman 10 Toolbar buttons (29th July 2021)

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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Personal Inboxes

PS-1636 Out Of Office

You will now be able to set yourself as Out Of Office from your personal inbox.


and your out of office status will be visible when assigning requests or adding tasks.

Review and Respond to Requests

PS-1502 Updates to text on ‘Complete’ button

When reviewing and responding to patient requests from the  'Messages and triage' page, the text on the Complete button now describes what will happen to the request.

PS-1592 Reply not required messages - updates

Unanswered reply not required questions will not stop a request from being completed.

Requests with only 'reply not required' messages will not be moved to 'awaiting response' inbox and will be 'completable' and the 'complete - save to emis' button will be visible.

Reply not required replies (i.e. acknowledgements) 

When a patient reads a 'reply not required' message from their GP, the request status will be updated to  '‘Message read’ but  won't automatically be moved back to the unassigned inbox.

PS-1533 Chat history scrolling

The chat history on the request details page will scroll:

  • to the top of the chat when the request status is ‘review needed’.
  • to the bottom of the chat when the request status is ‘awaiting response’ or ‘patient replied’.

Non Digital Patients

PS-1626 Non digital patient registration

There are now no age limits when registering or editing non-digital patients.

Making a request

PS-1635 Confirm contact details

Patients will be asked to confirm their email address and telephone number whenever they make a Patchs request.


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