Patchs 1.36 Medical Emergency Warnings and Patient Request Timeout (17th June 2021)

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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Patient Requests

PS-1563 Medical emergency warnings

Patients will now be directed away from Patchs and told to seek emergency medical help if they have 'red flag' symptoms.




PS-1543 Patient request timeout

To help you manage demand, patients now have maximum 30 minutes to submit their request.

They are advised that they need to submit their request within 30 minutes.  


And when they have 5 minutes left.


After 30 minutes the patient is advised that their request has been cancelled.


Reviewing and Responding to Patient Requests

PS-1543 Display of requests that are in progress

From the Unassigned inbox you will see how many patients are currently writing a request at any given time.



PS- 1501 Disable actions for Completed Requests

When opening a request from the Completed inbox - the following actions are no longer available

  • Make changes to comments
  • Setting 'Done' tasks as 'not done'
  • Assigning a task to someone else at the practice

Data Privacy

PS- 1556 Data sharing toggle for patients

The Data Privacy page has been updated to allow patients to opt out of sharing their anonymised data with The University of Manchester using a toggle switch rather than by sending an email.



Staff Management

PS-1555 Past video consultations do not prevent staff being removed from Patchs

Staff with historic video consultations can now be removed from Patchs but future consultations must be re-scheduled with a different member of staff before a staff user can be removed



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