Patchs 1.29 Pick message from list in practice-initiated messages (11th March 2021)

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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Patchs 1.29 includes the following changes:

Patient Questionnaires

PS-1253 Add standardised questions to practice-initiated messages

Standardised questions can now be sent from practice-initiated messages on the patient details page.


Patient Details

PS-1120 Consistency of patient registration details

Patient registration details are now consistent across:

  • Patient - update my details page.
  • Patient – add proxy user page

Middle name field and Date of Birth label are now visible


Patient Requests

PS-1237 Improve readability and usability of chatbot for patients

The patient request chatbot questions have been updated so that it’s easier for the patients to read and respond to the questions in the chatbot.  The layout of multi-part questions has been updated to make them easier to read



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