Patchs 1.30 Changes to chatbot questions and staff UI (25th March 2021)

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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Patchs 1.30 includes the following changes:

Patient requests/review and respond to patient requests

PS-1335 Changes to chatbot questions and staff UI

The chatbot questions have been updated to make them easier for both patients and practice staff to read and review

  • Blank lines removed from multi-line questions 


  • Chatbot primary question text now displayed as bold


  • Button text on the My Requests and Messages page has been updated to indicate if a message needs to be read or requires a reply


Patient Registration

PS-1336 Carer registration status 

A new patient registration status has been added for proxy patients - 'Patient registered - carer needs verification'.

(This new registration status has been added for safety reasons to ensure staff are reminded to check the relationship of the carer.)

The new registration status will be displayed when a proxy patient has been matched with their clinical record, but the relationship with their carer requires verification.  This article explains how to verify contact details.

Requests are locked until carer details are verified.


You should check the relationship of the carer and update the patient status to indicate that the relationship is correct - this will then unlock the request.


PS-1298 NHS number formatting

NHS number formatting is now applied consistently following auto-registration in the following places:

  • On the patient details page


  • On the patient's info button



Patchs.AI Website

PS-1341 Updates to the Patchs.AI website

The Patchs.AI website has been updated to include:

  • New Patchs video
  • Langworthy case study
  • Latest list of benefits


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