Patchs 1.24 Patient Request and Practice on Boarding Updates (18th December 2020)

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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Patient Request Update

PS-948 Patient request 'before we start' information

Patients are now given advice on the type of request they are submitting before being taken to the request questions page.



PS-1099 Show countdown of remaining questions

When a patient is submitting a request, they can now see how many questions they have yet to answer


Practice Staff Update Patient Details

PS-1010 Allow GP practice staff to edit patient details

Practice staff can now update patient details from the Patient Details page


Practice on Boarding 

PS-1027 On boarding - combined invitation email
PS-1028 Practice on boarding - combined invitation email
PS-1029 Practice on boarding - practice details
PS-1032 Practice on boarding - personal details

Practice on boarding  has been streamlined into a single process flow

  1. Invite New Practice
  2. Register Practice Admin
  3. Complete Practice Details
  4. Practice Admin Role Details
  5. Inviting Practice Staff

Practice and Staff Management

PS-1033 Practice on boarding - practice admin page
PS-1034 Practice on boarding - inviting GPs and practice staff

Practice administration functionality is now organised onto 2 pages  

  • Edit practice - where practice details can be viewed and updated
  • Manage staff  - where practice staff can be invited or removed from Patchs

that can be accessed from your menu


Video consultations menu

PS-1044 Updated to Video Consultation Menu and Video Consultation Page

There is now a single Video Consultations menu item 


And this takes you to the Video Consultations page, where you can

  • see current and future Video Consultations
  • join a scheduled video consultation






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