Patchs 1.87 Release (27th November 2023)

Dan Sprague
Dan Sprague
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Patchs version 1.87 has now been released with the following new features in pilot:

Additionally the following are on general release::

Adding documents from the clinical system

When sending a message to a patient, you can now attach clinical documents in just a few clicks.This function replaces the previous need to download clinical documents to your computer before attaching. It can

  • be used for attaching documents both to message templates and standard, free-text messages.
  • be used whether sending by SMS or email.

Simply use the Add attachment button beneath the text field to upload your documents – these might be blood test results, scan results, fit notes, and so on.

The following file types, up to 5MB in size, are supported:

  • PDF (.pdf)
  • Word (.doc and .docx)
  • PNG (.png)
  • JPEG (.jpg and .jpeg)
  • TIFF (.tif, .tiff, .tiff2)
  • RTF (.rtf)

Images can also be attached, up to 1MB in size each.

The Add attachment feature functions in the same way, regardless of whether you use EMIS or SystmOne. Please note, however, that SystmOne users must have the Patchs Toolbar installed, and that EMIS users must have EMIS usernames.

Usual GP

Patchs staff users are now able to see the name of any given patient’s usual GP on:

  • the patient’s Patient details page

  • the patients Request details page

  • alongside requests in all inboxes

The Usual GP feature can be enabled/disabled by Patchs admin users from the practice’s Feature Settings page. It is currently only available to EMIS practices.

10-digit alternative patient phone numbers now permitted

When entering their contact details, patients can enter a 10-digit phone number in the Other phone field. The Mobile phone field continues to require a standard 11-digit phone number.

New look for the Patchs Toolbar

In line with our recent rebrand, the Patchs Toolbar has been refreshed! It now incorporates our heart logo, which you will also see on your desktop and in the Windows Taskbar, when you have Patchs open.

Invalid phone numbers: 'Send Now' button will disable

Now, when sending a message to a patient, the Send Now button will disable if you enter an invalid phone number.

This is the case regardless of whether you are sending the message straight away, or if you are scheduling it to be sent in advance. It will also disable – if you enter an invalid phone number – whether you are sending a message template or your own, free-text message.

If the patient has already got a valid, registered phone number, but you wish to send your message to a different phone number, you can easily enter the new number in the phone number field. The number you enter will override the patient’s registered number.

Please note, if your practice does not have ‘send by SMS’ enabled, then the Send Now button will send your message via email.

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