Patchs 1.84.5 Release (7th September 2023)

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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The Patchs 1.84.5 release includes the following feature and updates

Telephone Assistant

Our Telephone Assistant is able to process voice calls in the same way as normal online consultations. 

This means that patients who are unable to use online services will be able to contact your practice via the telephone line. Their call will be transcribed into a normal Patchs request, and it will arrive in your inbox just like other requests which have been completed online.

There are a number of benefits associated with the Telephone Assistant:

  • Frees up your main phoneline
  • Call waiting times are reduced
  • Reduces pressures on reception staff
  • Improves access for patients unable to use online services

The Telephone Assistant can be enabled during all practice hours, 24/7, or only during the morning rush - it's up to you.

It can be set up using either a call divert from your main telephony system (if your system allows for this) or by using a separate phone line. 

Requests made via the Telephone Assistant can be saved to the Clinical System as normal, and responded to as normal.

As the accuracy of the transcription cannot be guaranteed, we also offer a 'playback' option, meaning that you can listen to each segment of the call and check the accuracy of the transcription.

Full details about the Telephone Assistant can be found here.



We have changed the look and feel of the Patchs.AI public-facing pages.

This change comes in conjunction with a company rebrand: after nine years operating as Spectra Analytics, we are changing our name to Patchs Health.

We are doing this in order to align ourselves more closely with the award-winning Patchs software you already know and use.

We also want to express our passion for healthcare, and we think that the name Patchs Health helps us to do that better.



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