Patchs 1.32 Request Details Redesign (22nd April 2021)

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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Request Details

As part of our ongoing improvements to Patchs, the  request details page has been redesigned to help improve usability.

This is quite a big change to what you will see in Patchs, so please take an opportunity to find out more about the changes here

PS-1220 Request Details Redesign

The request details page has been re-designed to help improve the user interface and reduce the amount of scrolling required when reviewing and responding to patient request messages.


PS-1225 Patient details tooltip formatting

The tooltip  patient details are now displayed with the label and associated text on the same line, making them easier to read.


PS-1231 Remove the row expansion functionality from past requests table

As part of the request details page redesign the row expansion functionality has now been removed from the past requests (All Requests and Messages) table




PS-1222 Retain search criteria when returning to an inbox from the request details page

Search criteria and results are now maintained when a user returns to an inbox from the request details page.


Patient messaging

PS-1375 ‘No reply required’ message  acknowledgements 

When a patient acknowledges a 'no reply required' message, the acknowledged message is not sent to either a personal or unassigned inbox.

Medical emergency wording

PS- 1434 Medical emergency link updated 

When a patient clicks on the 'what is a medical emergency' link they are taken to the  'Do not use Patchs for medical emergencies' helpdesk article.



Staff and Patient Registration

PS-1409 Expiry time for staff and practice invitations

The expiry time for staff and practice invitations has been extended from 1 day to 7 days



Practice Admin

PS-1431 Allow practice names of 31 – 50 characters (Bug fix)

It's now possible to set practice names up to 50 characters




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