Patchs 1.31 SNOMED Code Selector and Request History Updates (8th April 2021)

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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Patchs 1.31 includes the following new features:

Request details

PS-1349 SNOMED Selector

You can now use the SNOMED code selector to add a SNOMED code when reviewing and responding to patient requests.

The Add comment/code button will open the comment code box from where you can:

  • search for and select a code by typing into the top box
  • add comments by typing into the lower box


When you have selected a code and/or added a comment you should:

  • Use the Add/comment or code button to add the comment and code to the request details
  • Use the Add/comment or code - save to record button to add the comment to the request details AND save the comment and code to the clinical record


You can find more information on when you might want to us this functionality here

PS-982 Add more detail to the request history

The request history tab now shows the following events:

  • Messages sent
  • Requests assigned
  • Task created
  • Task done
  • Triage decision
  • Video call schedule

For each event you will see   

  • The date and time of the event
  • The event description
  • The user who created the event


The events display initially in reverse date order but you can click on the column headings to sort by event or user.

Staff registration

PS-1364 Staff email address validation

Valid email address criteria for Patchs staff users have been extended to include a wider range of NHS mail address formats:

Standardised questions

PS-1372 Introductory wording for proxy user standardised questions

The introductory wording for questionnaires being sent to the carer of a patient now ask the carer to respond on behalf of the patient they care for.


PATCHS 1.31 includes the following bug fixes:


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