Patchs 1.26 Practice Staff Making Requests (19th January 2021)

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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Practice staff making requests on behalf of a non-digital patients

PS-1160 Submitting requests for non-digital patients

It is now possible for practice staff to submit a Patchs request on behalf of a patient who doesn't have access to the technology to use Patchs (non-digital patient).

You can find out how to make a request on behalf of a non-digital patient here

Patient Registration

PS-898 Date of Birth check

The date of birth check for patient registrations has been updated to ensure a maximum patient age of 120 years.

PS-1047  Re-send verification email link

If a Patchs patient hasn't verified their Patchs email, they can now request another verification link from  the practice landing page.


My Requests and Messages

Pagination of the patient's 'My Requests and Messages' has been updated to improve page loading speeds. 

Video consultations

PS-808 Schedule video consultation from the Patient Details full page

Video consultations can now be scheduled directly from the Patient Details page. 


When a video consultation is scheduled, the patient is sent a notification message that includes  joining details.

PS-1151 Re-schedule VCs from Video Consultations Page

Video consultations can now be re-scheduled by clicking the consultation on the Video Consultation page and selecting Reschedule.


PS-554 Video consultation reminder for GPs

The Video menu has been updated so that it shows the number of video consultations a user has scheduled for today.  The number is displayed in grey to show the number of incomplete video consultations today.


When a patient joins a scheduled consultation, the number is highlighted in orange. 


Invite new staff

PS-1152 Invitation email validation

Validation of invited staff email address is only carried out when an email address has been entered.

Landing Page Updates

PS-1046 Landing Page Improvements

Click here for more information

A WYSIWYG landing page message editor is now available that allows you to:

  • Embolden data
  • Format numbered lists
  • Format bulleted lists
  • Add links


Bug fix

PS-1040 Users being logged out of Patchs

A fix has been implemented to resolve an issue where users were occasionally being logged out of Patchs.

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