Patchs 1.80 Release (9th May 2023)

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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The Patchs 1.80 release includes the following feature updates and bug fixes:

Message Templates

PS-2833 Uploading message templates

You can now use the Upload Message Template feature to import your existing message templates from other systems into Patchs in bulk. 

You can upload 50 at a time and this help article explains how.

PS-1996 - Questionnaire name

The questionnaire name is now displayed correctly when a staff user clicks to view the questionnaire results - previously it showed the patient facing view.

Patchs Help and Suggestions for Improvements

PS-3142 - Help menu and staff feedback wording

So that you can get help with Patchs from the correct team and in preparation for the launch of our Ideas portal, the help menu and feedback wording have been updated.

Patchs AI

PS-2864 - Patchs AI Feature Settings Update

The Patchs AI feature settings page has been updated to show more clearly which of the Patchs AI feature settings are available and have been enabled for your practice.   

Bulk Messages

PS-2997 Bulk message patient upload - instructions show for both EHR types

The file upload instructions on the bulk message patient upload page have been updated so they show for both clinical systems.

Practice Setup

PS-2524 - EHR setup as part of onboarding

Practices now need to set up their EHR as soon as they create their practice on Patchs. They are also advised that they won’t be able to match patients or save to clinical system until they do.

For practices with EMIS Integration

For practices with SystmOne Integration

Patient Registration & Login

PS-3185 - Email verification

When patient or carer users have verified their email address, they are now required to enter their login details. 

PS-3088  Carer statement on NHS Login page

From your practice's landing page, carer users are advised to ‘Continue with Patchs’ rather than use NHS Login.

PS-3087 - NHS Login redirect

Patients are re-directed appropriately when there’s a mismatch of ODS code.

Outbound Messaging

PS-2965 - Phone number visibility when sending templates

Phone numbers are now fully visible when sending templates. 

They are no longer squashed by ‘send in body of email’ message. Staff can also save ‘no reply required’ messages to the clinical system when sending.

Staff Access

PS-2909 CCG Users who are also Patchs Admin Users

Patchs Admin users who also have CCG reporting permissions can now access the Practices Settings pages. 

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