Patchs 1.79 Release (11th April 2023)

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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The Patchs 1.79 release includes the following feature updates and bug fixes:

Request Limit Messages

PS-2931 -  Request Limit Display

The customisable practice request limit message now shows inside the yellow request limit warning banner.

User Registration

The consent page wording has been updated to say ‘uses artificial intelligence’ (was previously ‘is developing artificial intelligence’ to)

CCG Reports

Consultation reports - date fields

The CCG consultation report now returns date-times rather than dates.

Questionnaire creation and editing

PSD-2878 SNOMED codes when creating questionnaire

When you create a new questionnaire, SNOMED codes no longer persist after a template form has been submitted.

PSD-2999 Editing questionnaire improvement

When you edit a questionnaire, the follow up questionnaire details now appear promptly.


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