Patchs 1.78 Release (20th March 2023)

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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The Patchs 1.78 release includes the following feature updates and bug fixes:


New Questionnaires

The following new questionnaires are currently available:

  • Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill (COCP) Review
  • COPD review
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Review
  • Medication Review
  • Progestogen-Only Pill (POP) Review

PS-2760 Enhanced Questionnaires

These new questionnaires allow patients to record readings :

  • Blood pressure (BP) - single reading
  • Blood pressure (BP) - 7 day average
  • Blood pressure (BP) - 4 day average
  • Height and weight (+ BMI calculation)

Patient self-booking

PS-2610 Staff users can send patients a link to book an appointment (SystmOne)

When responding to an online consultation request or as a practice-initiated message, staff users can invite a patient (via a link) to book into a particular clinic.

Message Templates

PS-2907 Message templates drop down display

The message templates drop down now shows all templates until search criteria have been entered.

PS-2934 'Duplicate question’ button when editing a message template

Staff users can now duplicate questions when editing message templates.

Messaging Patients

PS-2895, PS-2832 Message patients without contact details

Staff users can now send a patient message, using a one time SMS number, to patients who have neither an email address nor a mobile telephone number.

PS-2935 - Show count of SMS segments (individual messages)

When sending individual messages via SMS, when the message is being sent in the body of the SMS, you will see how many segments the message will use.

PS-2904 - Adding attachments when sending message templates

You can now can add attachments when sending a message template.


Video Consultations

PS-2662 Updates to scheduling of video consultations

Video consultations can now be scheduled for a future date and scheduled video consultations can be cancelled.

Practice details

PS-2997 Incorrect SystmOne Practice name warning

SystmOne staff users are warned, on the following pages, when an incorrect SystmOne Practice name has been entered:

  • Practice feature settings page

  • Appointment reminder settings page

Patient Details

PSD-2896 Show warning when patient details differ from spine (digital patients only)

You will see a warning message when Patchs digital patient details (telephone number & email address) differ from information on PDS.

Awaiting image

PS-2590 - Add ‘relationship to patient’ to 'patients you care for'

PATCHS Patients can add and update their relationship to any patients the care for.


PS-3010 Increase password length

The minimum password length has increased from 8 to 12 characters when adding or updating.




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