Patchs 1.75 Release (15th December 2022)

Dr Ben Brown
Dr Ben Brown
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The Patchs 1.75 release includes the following feature updates and bug fixes.

CCG Reporting

PS-2786 - CCG - extra reporting requirements

The CCG and super user reporting dashboards now include an expanded report on online consultations, a report on patient feedback received, and a report on features enabled per practice to better help CCGs and ICBs meet requirements. 

Activity Report 


Individual Feedback Report


Features Enabled Report 


SNOMED codes – message templates

PS-2487 & PS-2608 - Add SNOMED codes for message templates: Advice, questions, and questions.

You can now add SNOMED codes to all types of message templates you create. Previously you could only add them to questionnaires, not question or advice templates. This means that whenever you send patients a message it always be automatically coded in the clinical system, for example, flu and MOT invites, or smoking cessation advice.


Full ADHD Questionnaire

We previously only offered the short form of the Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale consisting of the first 6 questions because they were the only ones that contributed to the score. However, following user feedback we’ve now included the full 18 question version of the questionnaire - as we understand that in some regions ADHD services require answers to all 18 questions to accept a referral.

So there are now two versions of this questionnaire available - the ’short’ and ‘full’ versions. For practices using Topic AI Questions, patients will continue to be sent the short questionnaire for ADHD requests. If you would like the full questionnaire to be sent instead, please update the Topic AI settings from the ‘Edit practice’ page.

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