Patchs 1.73 Release ( 17th November 2022)

Dr Ben Brown
Dr Ben Brown
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The Patchs 1.73 release includes the following feature updates and bug fixes.

GP Messages

PS-2641 - Remove triage form from GP outbound messages.

Staff users are no longer required to enter triage details when completing GP outbound messages.  Users will not see the triage form when viewing the request details page for an incomplete GP outbound message request (reply required or reply not required).  Users will be able to click the "complete" buttons and remove from the inbox without filling in a triage form.  


Request details

PS-2189 - Patient details on Request details page

The patient details panel now remains visible at the top of the screen as users review and scroll through the request details page.


Saving to clinical system

PS-2343 - Save as pdf to clinical system

SystmOne practices can now save requests to the clinical system as PDFs.

Patient feedback

PS-2375, PS-2376 - Patient feedback updates

The patient feedback UI and reporting UI have been updated to now collects and report on star ratings, friends & family feedback, and feedback comments. 




Staff roles 

PS-2365 - Staff role updates 

Staff roles are now organised alphabetically within clinical and non-clinical groups. 


Data privacy page

PS-2615 - Data privacy page updates

The data privacy page now includes a statement explaining that any patient requests for data deletion should be made via their GP practice.




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