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Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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The reporting dashboard is a useful tool that allows you to gain a detailed overview into request, patient and feedback statistics about your GP practice all in one place.

This is available to all staff users at your practice.

To view the reporting dashboard click on Reports from the upper menu to open the Patchs reports page.


Then click on Dashboard to view your Patchs dashboard.


The upper Requests section shows live data for :

  1. The number of requests in the Unassigned inbox 
    Clicking on the Unassigned heading will open the unassigned inbox in a new tab
  2. The number of requests that have been assigned to a personal or group inbox
  3. The number of requests in the Awaiting a patient response
    Clicking on the
    Awaiting patient response heading will open the Awaiting response inbox in a new tab
  4. The number of new requests received today
  5. The numbed of requests completed today
    Clicking on the Completed today heading will open the completed inbox in a new tab


On the lower Patients section shows:

  1. The average patient feedback star rating for Patchs
  2. The average patient feedback star rating for your GP practice
  3. The percentage of patients who would recommend your GP practice to friends and family
  4. The total number of patients registered on Patchs
    Clicking on the Total patients heading will open the Registered Patients report in a new tab
  5. A breakdown of registered patients by gender
  6. The average patient age
  7. A breakdown of average patient age by gender

Please note: The patient numbers are refreshed on an hourly basis throughout the day.

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