Appointment reminders

PATCHS appointment reminders can be used to remind patients when they have an upcoming appointment at your practice. PATCHS appointment reminders work for all appointments in your clinical system, not just those booked via PATCHS.

Patients will receive an appointment reminder the day before their appointment, using their contact information on the Personal Demographics Service (PDS).

For appointment reminders PATCHS user can now use a button to update clinic types, management of cancelled appointments and reminder delivery method. 

Appointment reminder settings 

(Feature Setting - SystmOne practices only)

Before enabling appointment reminders you should add your practice's SystmOne Practice Name on your practice's Feature Settings page.

And then enable appointment reminders.



Enabling appointment reminders

As a PATCHS Admin user you can configure appointment reminder settings from the Appointment Reminders tab.

On this page you can see all the session types for your practice and the Update button will show the most up to date information.
To change the appointment reminder settings for a particular clinic type, you should click on Edit.


Edit appointment  reminder settings


The following appointment reminder settings can be used:

  • Enabling appointment reminders 
    When appointment reminders are enabled for a particular clinic type, patients with an appointment in on of those clinics will be sent a reminder the day before their appointment.
    (The wording  of the reminder can be seen above)
  • Email Enabled
    When email is enabled here, the patient will receive their appointment reminder by email.
  • SMS enabled (visible at practices with SMS)
    When SMS is enabled, the patient will receive their appointment reminder by SMS.

Patients may not have consented to receiving appointment reminders, though they can unsubscribe.
Patients will not receive reminders if there are no valid contact details on the PDS or they have unsubscribed.