Enabling Notification Settings

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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You can enable and disable the following notification settings from the feature settings page:

Toolbar and menu notifications

Notifications alert users on the Patchs menu and Patchs Toolbar when there's a new message or task assigned to one of their inboxes they subscribe to.

Enabling toolbar and menu notifications for your practice

To use the notifications feature at your practice you must first of all enable notifications from the feature settings page.

When notifications are enabled, each member of staff will be notified whenever there's a new message or task in their personal inbox. They can also set up notifications for other inboxes via Notification Settings

Alerts when other users view messages

Avoid duplicating work by knowing when others are viewing your Patchs messages. A handy eye icon will appear in your Patchs inbox, and a yellow border will highlight the request details page. Hover over the eye icon to see who's currently viewing the message. Don't worry, you can still process the message while the alert is active!

Enabling alerts when other users view messages

To enable alerts when other users view messages, tick the box on the feature settings page.


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