Message Settings Including 'Send as SMS' behaviour

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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As a Patchs Admin user, you can view and manage the Message Settings for your practice from the feature settings page. If your practice uses Patchs SMS, this will include the Send as SMS behaviours.

Scheduled messaging

When enabled, this allows you to choose when each individual message will be sent to a patient.

You can discover more about how this feature works in the Scheduling Patient Messages help article.

Enable sending SMS as default to patients

When enabled, this sends an SMS (instead of an email) notification to patients when they are sent a message through Patchs. 

Enable sending messages in body of SMS and email for reply not required messages

When enabled, this sends the message in the body of the SMS or email to patients - instead of sending them a link to view their message in Patchs. This option (when enabled by a Patchs Admin) can be chosen at the point of sending messages. It can also be set to be a default behaviour. It would normally be chosen when sending non-sensitive information to patients. 

When sending messages as SMS, send.... SMS only

When enabled and a message is sent to a patient via SMS, only an SMS will be sent. 

When sending messages as SMS, send.... Both SMS and Email

When enabled and a message is sent to a patient via SMS, both an SMS and an email will be sent to the patient. 


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