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Dr Ben Brown
Dr Ben Brown
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Practice landing page - patient signpost panels


When a patient navigates to PATCHS from your practice website, they will be taken to the landing page, from where they can either use the  External Signposting Panels to access external services.

External signposting panels (visible according to practice settings):

The Landing page will show up to 4 external (blue) panels, with each panel being visible according to your practice's Patient signpost panel settings.

Patients can use the blue panels on the bottom row to:

  1. Find a pharmacy
    The 'Find a pharmacy near me' button will redirect the user to the NHS 'Find a pharmacy' page.

  2. Find a walk-in centre

    The 'Find a walk-in centre near me' button will redirect the user to the NHS 'Find Walk-in centre services' page.

  3. Find urgent care services

    The 'Find urgent care services near me' button will redirect the user to the NHS 'Find Urgent Care services' page.mceclip7.png

  4. 111 online

    The 'Contact 111' button will redirect the user to the NHS 111 online.


  5. Selfcare

Patients can find self-help advice from the website by using the search box function.



PATCHS Signpost panel settings

You can choose when each of the signpost panels is visible on the PATCHS landing page from your practice's feature settings page.


A PATCHS Admin user can update the signpost panel settings from the feature settings tab.




And each panel can be set to :

  • Always show - the panel will always be visible.
  • Show out of hours only - the panel will only be visible between 6.30pm and 8AM.
  • Hide - the panel will never be visible.


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