Automatic message completion settings

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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If a patient doesn't respond to a message from their GP within a specified number of days and the request has been sent to the Awaiting Response inbox, Patchs can automatically complete the request.

When a request has been automatically completed, the patient will receive an email telling them the request has been closed and to use Patchs if they want to speak to the practice about it.



If you want Patchs to automatically complete patient requests, you should enable the functionality from the Edit practice (feature settings) page.

Setting up Automatic Completion


Step by step


  1. On the 'Edit practice' page, go to the 'Feature settings' tab, and enable the automatic completion settings.
  2. Choose how many days until a message that has been sent to the 'Awaiting response' inbox automatically completes after no patient response.
  3. Update the automatic message completion settings.






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