Prescriptions FAQ

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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What does the prescription integration look like?

There are 3 options with medication requests:

  1. Turn them off
  2. Free text
  3. Patient Facing Services.

If the patient (and the practice) has PFS enabled, the patient will only see their existing prescriptions which they can select (no free-text box). This is processed using the Electronic Prescription Service.

If the PFS is not enabled then the patient will enter the request via a free-text box, and this will be processed like a normal request.

Can Medication Requests be switched off?

Yes, see here for more details.

How are adhoc requests managed and which options do patients have?

Patients can submit a request as a ‘Medication Request’ (if PFS not enabled), as ‘Admin,’ or as ‘Other,’ and then enter their request using free text. This will then be managed like a normal request.


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