Implementation FAQ

  1. Who (job role, team etc) will be allocated from PATCHS/Advanced to practices to guide them through deployment and what will the relationship look like/consist of? Who is then available to support staff once they have gone live?  A dedicated transformation manager will be assigned to the project and will provide regular calls to the CCG and will facilitate the onboarding for practices. Post mobilisation support is provided by the same person, then we hand over to the Business as Usual (BAU) team which is the Advanced Technical Support Team. The Customer Success Team will also check in to see how you are getting on and see if we can do more to support you.
  2. How much influence will we have over the future development of PATCHS features? Are there patient and clinician feedback options? We encourage all users of PATCHS to provide feedback including patients and practice staff. This can be done within PATCHS via the feedback link. This feedback is fed into the product development lifecycle.