eHub and Federated Working FAQ

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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How does Patchs support PCNs, eHubs, and OOH services?

Patchs works well with PCNs, eHubs, and Out of Hours services. With a single Patchs login you can access all the practices in your network.

  • Incoming messages: patients submit requests through their practice’s instance of Patchs. Patients do not need to know about the eHub. They simply submit requests as normal, even out of hours.
  • Outgoing messages: PCN/eHub staff can send messages (including questionnaires) and video consultations to any patient who is registered at a practice within the network. Messages can be sent immediately or scheduled in advance. They can be sent by both SMS and email.
  • Clinical system integration: writing to the record uses the practice’s clinical system, so it doesn’t matter if the eHub/PCN uses EMIS Community or another version of EMIS.
  • Unified inbox: this allows you to see incoming patient requests across your practices in one place. You do not need to keep navigating from one practice to the other.
  • Patchs toolbar: this does not work across multiple practices. Instead of using the toolbar to look up a patient, staff will need to search for patients using their NHS number.

How it works

  • Staff members must be added to each practice and will each need a separate Patchs login (one per user). We can help do this in bulk and are working on improvements to make this easier.
  • EMIS practices need to add a generic user (called, for example, 'Patchs') to their practice’s instance of EMIS. This user is fully audited in Patchs.

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