Enabling EMIS integration

To set up EMIS Integration at your practice you should complete the following tasks:

Enable PATCHS in EMAS Manager

Add EMIS Usernames

Enable PATCHS in EMAS Manager

  • Click on the EMIS ‘ball’ in the top right of EMIS, go to ‘System Tools’ > ‘EMAS Manager’


  • On the left hand side, scroll down to the section called ‘Partner API’ and click on it

  • Scroll through the list and click on ‘PATCHS’


  • Click go to the top left of the screen and click ‘Activate Application’



Add EMIS Usernames

Log into PATCHS as a PATCHS Admin user and on the 'Manage Staff' page

  • Add the EMIS Username for each staff user registered at your practice.