Picking message templates

When sending messages to patients you can either manually type a message, or pick one from a list.

Patients are notified about your message by email as default. If your CCG have enabled our SMS module, when you click 'Send as SMS' patients will also be sent an SMS notification in addition to the email.

When picking from a list, you can choose from:

When you send a message to a patient either from the patient details page or when responding to a patient request, use the Pick message from list button to search for and select a message template.



Search for them using the search box. You can set favourites for easy access by clicking the star icon:


You can visit links and questionnaires before you select them to make sure they're what you want to send by clicking this icon Screenshot_2021-02-11_at_21.17.46.png.

Once you have selected a template from the search it will appear in the 'Selected messages' box on the right. You can delete individual messages or groups, and change the order in which they appear:


You can also edit templates by clicking in the box and changing the text.

Once you're happy, click 'Send' - the patient will be sent those messages in order.

We're adding more standardised responses all the time - if there's something missing you'd like to see, please tell us using the 'Give feedback' button in the top menu when logged into PATCHS, or you can create your own template messages for your practice.

Finishing a request with unanswered questions and questionnaires

If you click the 'Finish' button where the patient has not answered all the questions and/or questionnaires you have asked them, it will be sent to the 'Awaiting response' inbox. When the patient replies, it will go back into the 'Unassigned' inbox (this is in case the patient responds on a day you are not working). This feature is useful if you want to clear your inbox without closing requests. 

Available message templates

The following templates are available to all practices. You can also create your own message templates for your practice to use - read about how to create your own message templates here.


Individual Question

Question Set


Back pain exercises

Attach photo request

Sore Throat

Asthma Control

Back pain red flags

Attach photo request - tonsils

Urinary Tract Infection

Asthma RCP

Failed telephone encounter - close down request

COVID vaccination 1 offer



Failed telephone encounter - please call practice

COVID vaccination 2 offer


Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ)

Failed telephone encounter - try again later

Pharmacy clarification


Back pain red flags

[NB request will be marked as Emergency if patient says they have any red flag symptoms]

'Fit (sick) note request'



Breathlessness - MRC dyspnoea scale

Food and symptoms diary


PHQ-9 final question clarification



[NB request will be marked as Emergency if patient says they are breathless]

 Hip pain exercises  


Daytime Sleepiness

How to use a nasal spray (video)



FeverPAIN score

[NB request will be marked as Urgent if patient scores 4 or more]

How to use your inhaler




Knee pain exercises




Medication request received - 48 hours




Medication request received - 72 hours



Health Assessment for Night Workers

Neck pain exercises




Normal test results



Knee score

Overactive bladder and bladder training




[NB request will be marked as Emergency if patient answers positively to final question about self-harm or suicide]

Patient Participation Group (PPG) information




Peak flow diary



Smoking Status

Prescription sent



Sick/Fit note details

Safety net (generic) - 1 week

    Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale (full)

Safety net (generic) - 2 weeks



Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale (short)

Seborrhoeic keratosis




Shoulder pain exercises




Skin cancer




Stye - causes and treatment




Test results - book GP appointment




Vitamin D deficiency




Vitamin D insufficiency